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Vegan Burritos - As Requested!

I got to sleep in the same bed as my favorite person for a whole week and now I get home and I don’t even have my damn blankey here because I’m out here trying to make things suck more by leaving it in Florida along with the boy

I wish I could put my balls on someone’s face but sadly I am only an eel

if you finna lie and say you wouldn’t suck your own clone you fake as fuck get a grip

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You’re wrong
I don’t wanna talk this out
I don’t give a fuck about what your sister said about us
We’re both too drunk to feel how awkward this really is
Thank God

I’m moving somewhere with seasons
And drinking for better reasons
Than tolerating you
Things I wish I would’ve said
Or could’ve said

I couldn’t say I’m sorry if I wanted to

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It wasn’t quite what it seemed, 
A lack of pleasantries.
My able body isn’t what it used to be.
I must admit I was charmed by your advances,
Your advantage left me helplessly into you.

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me and nick winzig tryna get it ya bish 

Like I want to reblog this persons selfie because they make me think of cheese curds but that’s mean so I’m not